Journal Coach FAQ

How does this chatbot work?

It uses OpenAI’s API combined by a few pages of coaching context instructions that I wrote. It is a WordPress site, using the AI Engine plugin that feeds into the API. The model is ChatGPT3 -Turbo16k, whichis fast, decent quality and doesn’t cost me much to run at scale.

Is this chat private?

Yes it is. No record is kept by OpenAI when accessing through their API (here’s their policy). This website is protected by SSL (you can read the certificate in the top left corner) and this website has no record of any chat entered. And finally, the recording settings in the AI engine are turned off (as shown in this pic- “local memory: unchecked)).

How can I save my chat history?

I’ve turned off all recording features, so the best way to save is to highlight the text, copy, and paste it into a doc.

How can I give feedback?

That would be very kind! Here’s 2 easy questions about what you liked and what could improve. Thanks!

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